Cosmetic by Nicole

Beauty Institute Ramstein

 Facial Treatments




 Classic Facial

Your custimized treatment starts

with effective enzymes to exfoliate, followed by a

personalized mask and a massage leaves you feeling totally refreshed and relaxed

   35 €


  Clear Complexion Facial

A powerfull combination of proven technique and

ingredients to eridicate trouble areas, achieving a noticeably clear complexion

 48 €

Radiant Facial

This Facial with Green Tea & Aloe Vera and Hyluron a powerfull

cocktail of naturell ingredients to deeply moisturise your skin.

Leaves your skin hydrated, balanced and glowing.             

49 €


 Apple Stem Cell Treatment

When it comes to anti aging facials, you want the very best! Turn the clock back with the Apple Stem Cell Facial utilizing the restorative properties found in the stem cells of the Swiss-grown Uttwiller Spätlauber apples. You will notice immediate improvement in the texture of  your skin as lines and wrinkles diminish and complexion is fresh and youth full

49 €


Aloe Vera Lifting Facial

Stimulate Cell Metabolism cousing cellular turnover for skin regenerating, to restore a youthfull texture and radiance, aspecifically toning mask that lifts, thightens and visibly firms the skin concludes this treatment


65 €


Luxury Restore Silk Facial

Treat yourself to this luxurious anti aging facial. A deep cleanse,followed by an exfoliation will leave your skin rejuvenated. Your face will be massaged to promote ciculation and leaves your skin glowing and youthful

85 €


Facial add ons


Radiant Eye Treatment

Reduces puffiness and dryness. To relief signs of aging illuminate and soothe the delicate eye tissue.


18 €


            Rejuvenating Hand mask          15 €

            Energizing Handmassage          15 €

            Energizing Foot massage          18 €



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